DiscoverE works to sustain and grow a dynamic engineering profession through outreach, education, celebration, and volunteerism.

The Persist Series is one of several signature programs DiscoverE offers to expand the engineering community and support a positive and inclusive profession. Designed to build staying power for women in engineering and technology, the Persist Series is a monthly worldwide speaker series virtually connecting thousands of women around the world for uplifting conversations and meaningful advice to help them persevere and thrive in their careers.

DiscoverE approached DoGoodery with the exciting challenge to transform the program (formerly a five-week event known as the Global Marathon) into a year-round global success. Together, DoGoodery and DiscoverE are re-imagining this valuable and successful program to increase participation and engagement, enhance the production value of live and on-demand sessions, and align the initiative with the strategic priorities of DiscoverE and its partners. From producing and managing each session, to coordinating communications, network building, and impact evaluations, DoGoodery is thrilled to work with DiscoverE to take this exciting and inspiring program to the next level.

DiscoverE's Persist Series