For nearly a decade, Jahan Sharif has leveraged his political campaign organizing experience to translate human stories for cable, network, and broadcast television.

What began as a chance volunteer opportunity, soon evolved into a staff position as a field organizer for President Obama’s re-election campaign in Broward County, Florida. Over 9 months, his volunteer staff mobilized their neighbors, and together turned out nearly 30,000 votes for the president. The following spring, he was recruited by then-mayor Cory Booker’s Senate campaign to lead the voter turnout effort in Newark, and Essex County. With a team of 13, Jahan developed and executed a strategy to organize nearly 250,000 voters, and deliver all 22 municipalities in the county to Booker.

Since leaving political organizing, Jahan has written and produced non-scripted television in New York City and Los Angeles. While he specializes in launching shows and interviewing, Jahan is always looking for ways to bring people closer to stories that are meaningful, and maybe, at times, a little unfamiliar.

Program Strategist