Justice, Equity,
Diversity and


The world is urgently calling for leadership in the areas of JEDI – justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion!
We know that real change goes beyond box checking and disconnected workshops. And, we know that diverse teams perform better, make better decisions, are more profitable, provide critical and valuable insights, retain staff, and get more done. DoGoodery does diversity differently!

Our Offerings Include

organizational equity assessment and strategic planning

Our 100 + point analysis explores ten distinct areas, including: hiring and retention, professional development, mission-tied messaging, inclusion and belonging, and strategic planning.

multilevel analysis, recommendations, and an equity plan of action

 We offer implementation guidance and professional development through interactive custom-designed workshops that create a shared language and goals for your team, and build alignment between your values and your actions.

unique equity statement

Align your mission and vision to set the foundation for
your equity practice. 

Customized Workshops to fit your needs

We coach your team through assembling your in-house action committee. These are not talk and drop workshops! We’ll be here post-workshop to help you with any questions that arise once you delve into the work. Your success is our goal.

Who We are


Our JEDI practice is led by Candice Dickens-Russell, who offers expertise in organizational development and transformational leadership for organizations wishing to understand and improve equitable practices, develop sound policies, and create authentic alignment between their values and their actions. As DoGoodery’s JEDI leader, she develops professional development workshops, strategic plans, and leadership development  in Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. 


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