Ellah Ronen

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Ellah Ronen has seen the power public-private partnerships have in making meaningful and lasting impact for the better.

Dr. NaJuana Lee

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NaJuana Lee is a lifelong learner who believes that an ethic of care in education is a moral imperative, a social responsibility and a pedagogical necessity.

Jeanetta Gonzales

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With 19 years of professional design experience for companies such as WebMD, Mattel and The Disney Store, Jeanetta Gonzales has a holistic approach to design.

Tom Staggs

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Tom Staggs is an accomplished executive with more than 26 years of experience at the Walt Disney Company whose iconic brands include Disney,

Quilen Blackwell

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Quilen’s background in renewable energy and community organizing is well suited in his role as president of the Chicago Eco House where they serve over 70 youth a week at three sites in Chicago and one…

Patrice D’Eramo

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With over thirty years of sales and marketing experiences in the IT industry, Patrice is recognized as an inspiring leader who analyzes complex business challenges,

Nikole Collins-Puri

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Nikole Collins-Puri is a social justice visionary, strategist, advocate and mentor who has committed her life to unleashing the potential of untapped communities.

Matt Ryan

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Matt Ryan is an executive with experience in strategy, marketing, product development and brand management working in the retail food and beverage,

Dr. Beth Stevens

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Dr. Beth Stevens retired in 2017 from her position as Senior Vice President of Corporate Citizenship for The Walt Disney Company.