Laurie Monserrat

Digital Accessibility

“If thou of fortune be bereft, and in thy store there be but left two loaves, sell one, and with the dole, buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.”

Laurie Monserrat works to support and promote DoGoodery’s education initiatives, such as the Cal Water H2O Challenge and the UL Innovative Education Award. Her passion for environmental education started when a teacher plucked her from the detention room in 5th grade and got her working to clean up a creek near her school. Laurie used those lessons later when she worked teaching literacy to at-risk youth and often used trips to local beaches to help her students learn by connecting with their environment.

In addition to helping teachers, Laurie specializes in digital accessibility, making sure everything from our website, videos, to our marketing materials are accessible to everyone.

Laurie previously worked with the Walt Disney Company helping teachers who were participating in Disney’s Planet Challenge. Laurie also works as a Research Scientist with CalEPA’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment where she works on Climate Change Indicators for California. Laurie lives in Point Reyes Station, CA with her wife and teenage nephew and holds a Bachelor of Science in Physiology and a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics.

Headshot of Laurie Monserrat